How to Ensure Business Continuity in a Pandemic

Apr 17, 2020

Until a couple of weeks ago, having an e-commerce option or a work-from-home policy just seemed like smart business plans. Now, they are survival strategies.

Public officials are now scrambling to master video conferencing tools to connect with each other while smart businesses are racing to developers to start building an e-commerce websites for their business.

We wanted to join the long list of articles you have read in the last 3-4 weeks talking about COVID-19 and how you can overcome its impacts on your business both during and after this pandemic.

Below we share 3 quick tips I believe will help you get above the waters and ensure that your business continue in spite of the crisis.

  1. Actively Shift Customers to Online Channels

A good way to safeguard the health of the customer as well as your employees at this time is by reducing physical interactions. To get started, you can consider accepting orders strictly via your social media channels and ensuring contact-less delivery of your products to your customers. A near-term strategy would be to build an e-commerce website where customer can buy and pay for your products.

2. Forge lasting relationship with Customers

This COVID-19 Crisis is an opportunity for you as a business owner to communicate with your customer and your community in a caring and empathetic manner. Doing this at this time has the potential to create real connections that will outlive the social and economic impact of this crisis. People, generally, tends to be loyal to people who care about them in hard times.

3. Help Customer get to know your Essential Product

Do you sell a product the world need tight now? Or can you rapidly adapt your product portfolio to provide goods that are urgently needed? For example if your sell cooked meal or foodstuff or healthcare products, you might be able to help folks under lock-down to still get the food or the medical supply they need through-out the lock-down period.

I hope the are useful to your current situation as a business.

Please stay safe.

Damilola Ogundipe

Business Solutions Associate @ Mercurie

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