Empowering African MSMEs to Sell Online with Seller

eCommerce Jul 7, 2020

In 2019, we set out on a mission at Mercurie to accelerate Africa’s digital economy through software. To accomplish this we decided to focus on solving for an important and growing market segment; Micro and small sized retailers.

We met with many of these business owners and learnt about the challenges they face including; managing suppliers, customers, production, promotion, orders, driving sales, shipping, financing etc. Overtime we realised the main challenges were sales, customer management, and shipping. For most of these business owners, sales solves all other problems.

This is why we built Seller an eCommerce platform that enables African business owners to create their own online store for free for life and start selling online in minutes. With critical services like payment, delivery, marketing and more, all integrated.

Today, with a Seller e-commerce site, merchants will be able to;

  • Sell an unlimited number of digital and physical products.
  • Get a clean and customisable storefront. Our team will do the customisation for merchants if requested.
  • Collect payments easily and securely with an integrated payment gateway. Simply add your details and you’re ready to go.
  • Schedule and track product shipping right from your Seller dashboard.
  • Chat with customers and receive notification of orders directly to your Whatsapp.
  • Track customer interactions on your storefront with inbuilt analytics
  • Sell securely with inbuilt SSL, 2 factor authentication and Intrusion protection.
  • Grant staff access to manage your store etc.

We’ve made the basic tier of Seller Free for life with no strings attached. No subscription fees, transaction charge etc. Our advanced tier comes at a fee with custom domain and other benefits.

Since we launched in Nigeria on the 1st of July, we’ve seen over 100 businesses setup stores and start selling with Seller. Businesses such as Amaka Concepts: A perfume and cosmetic retailer.

amakaconcept.seller.ng storefront preview

Our goal is to make selling online easier and more scalable across Africa. Over the next few weeks and months we will roll out more updates and features as well as Merchant support programs and webinars.

We look forward to having you onboard, to learn more or signup please visit www.seller.ng.

For support or partnership, please email support@seller.ng.


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