7 steps to drive store sales this Easter

2021 Easter sale Mar 31, 2021

Drive more store sales this Easter as consumers starts holiday shopping

Easter is a few days away. If you have not seen much sales since Christmas and New year, here is another opportunity to acquire new customers and bring back old customers to see what you have in store for them.

Even though economic realities are starting to set in, the world is gradually opening up to celebrations, events, gatherings, and re-union. Easter provides the perfect get-away moment for many since Christmas.

The average Nigerian consumer will have 4 days off this Easter season, giving them much deserved downtime to unwind, browse the web and be active on social media.

Whether they are preparing for a solo family get-together or catching up with friends to wine and dine, consumers will be searching for products they love or previously "eyed" - and you want to be prepared when they do.

In this article, I share steps to help you capture a portion of consumers spending this Easter.

Step 1: Get the word out

It's one thing to have it in mind to run a sales campaign this Easter, but you customers may not be aware until you get the word out with clear and bold creatives.


Step 2: Offer special discount

Create a discount coupon for Easter. Every other store will have a sale offer during the holidays, so consider how a well-promoted discount might give your store an edge.

Think of situations your customers would be in during the holidays: preparing family dinners, meeting relatives and friends, catching up on unfinished projects, spending more time at the gym, or just chilling on the couch binge-watching Netflix.

Then think of which products they might consider in these situations and other things they might need for the month of April - then promote them in a special discount campaign.

Step 3: Launch a giveaway on social media

Drive engagement and get people talking about your brand with a classic social media giveaway by asking your followers to tell you why they deserves a prize.

Have a look at the example below, this Easter give-away asks participants to comment the why they should win a shopping voucher from Shopaz Hub.

You could apply the same concept to any of your products - for example, guess what material this dress is made of, guess how many beads are in this necklace, etc.


Step 4: Launch an Ad campaign

Launch an Ad on popular social media platforms you know your customers visit.

If you have Facebook pixel and custom audiences set up, it might be a good idea to attract your visitors back with attractive offers on products they have looked at in the past.

Step 5: Update your inventory

You don’t want to invest time in your Easter marketing efforts and then disappoint shoppers by running out of the products you promoted or on Easter specials.

Make sure that your store is well stocked. Update products' quantity so it does not go "out of stock" once customers start placing their orders. See how to add products to your store.

Step 6: Build trust with customers

Build trust on your website with static pages. With static pages, you can add an About Us , Return policy, Terms & Conditions, FAQ pages to your storefront.

This come handy during major shopping season as you and your staff would be busy with packing and shipping customer orders.

Step 7: And finally, check your shipping destination(s) setting

The last thing you want is a customer finding it had to checkout because their shipping destination is not supported.

Create time today to make sure every location you deliver to as well as corresponding delivery rates are available in your shipping settings. See how to set up shipping locations for your store.

And those were my tips to prepare you for Easter this year, action them on your store today and reap the benefits of holiday shopping!

Happy Holiday!

P.S: To open your store's dashboard, go to dashboard.seller.ng


Damilola Ogundipe

Business Solutions Associate @ Mercurie

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