7 steps to bring in Muslim shoppers to your online store for Ramadan shopping

2021 Ramadan Apr 10, 2021

Ramadan is two days away, and like every year, Muslims everywhere have to fast for the entire month till Eid al-Fitr.

Throughout this month, devout Muslims fast, pray, donate to the needy, and exchange gifts with loved ones. The end of the fast is also a time for family to gather and celebrate.

In a bid to understand how Muslims faithfuls are preparing for the holy month this year, we conducted a survey asking them to tell us about their shopping plans before, during and after Ramadan.

Muslim shoppers will be looking for interesting offers and promotions, and are searching for the best online store to fulfill their Ramadan needs as survey respondents told us "Ramadan shopping is always on a budget."

In this article, I share more on what we learned about Muslim consumers' shopping plan before, during and after this year's Ramadan and steps you can take today to drive them to shop from your website.

Step 1: Offer discount on groceries

If you sell groceries on your website, Ramadan is a time to offer your Muslim customers mouth-watering discounts on raw food items through-out the fast. You are also helping your Muslim customers to stock their homes on budget.

There is a reward for that in Jannah :blush:

75 percent of respondents say they plan to spend between NGN 50, 000 and NGN 100, 000 on grocery shopping

Generate a Ramadan-themed coupon code and share on your social media pages to your Muslim customers. See how to create shareable discount coupon codes to drive sales before, during and after Ramadan.

Even though 75% of respondents says they typically buy food items before the start of Ramadan, 25% says they rather wait till during Ramadan.

Step 2: Showcase gift-able items

Do you sell items Muslim faithfuls like to gift fellow believers during the holy month of Ramadan on your website?

When asked if they will give people gifts this year's Ramadan

The entire month of April till May may be a good time to talk more about these gift-able items across your social media channels, then give your Muslim customers ways to shop these items. You can do this by simply sharing exact link to those products on your website.

Ensure they receive their ordered items easily through-out the entire month of Ramadan. Β 

What do you typically gift people during the month of Ramadan?

If you sell raw food items on your website, this is a good time to reach your Muslim customers who want to gift raw food stuff to fellow believers during Ramadan.

When do you buy these gift items? 

50% of respondents told us they buy their gift items during Ramadan. So you can start planning marketing materials (e-flyers, etc) to let your Muslim customers know your online store stocks the gift they want through-out the month of Ramadan.

Step 3: Offer Iftar packages

Sell pre-cooked meals, fresh fruits, or confectioneries on your website?

Ask what your Muslim customers would want for iftar during Ramadan? Iftar is the time of the day after the day's fast when Muslim faithfuls are allowed to eat.

You can bundle dates, yogurt, parfait, along with meals for your Muslim customers who may want to order their iftar.

Step 4: Prepare an Eid al-Fitr special

If you sell groceries, Muslim faithful celebrate Eid feasting and enjoying home cooked meals.

This year, Eid al-Fitr will begin in the evening of Wednesday, 12 May and ends in the evening of Thursday, 13 May.

Eid al-Fitr signifies the end of the 1 month long fast. Package specials or bundle grocery items for your Muslim customers and make sure your Eid al-Fitr special is available on your online store.

Step 5: Update your store's inventory

You don’t want to invest so much time in your Ramadan marketing effort and then disappoint shoppers by running out of the product(s) you had promoted.

Make sure that your store is well stocked. Update products' quantity so you don't run "out of stock" once customers start placing their orders during Ramadan. See how to add a product to your store here.

Step 6: Check your store's shipping destination settings

If customers report they are finding it had to checkout because their shipping destination is not supported.

It may be because you are yet to setup shipping destinations for customers on your store's dashboard.

Create time today to make sure every location you deliver to as well as corresponding delivery rates are available in your shipping settings. See how to set up shipping locations for your store here.

Step 7: Set-up a Ramadan Ad campaign

To emotionally connect with potential shoppers, it is a good idea to go for a Ramadan campaign.

It shows that your business has its Muslim customers at heart. Launch an Ad on popular social media platforms you know your Muslim customers visit.

If you have Facebook pixel and custom audiences set up, this holy month of Ramadan is a good idea to attract Muslim visitors back with attractive offers on groceries and meals perfect for if-tar.

Focus on the right times. Weekend, early morning hours, shortly before the sunset and right after the sunset when the faithful breaks his or her fast are the peak times for shopping.

Prepare your staff for this likely surge in customers' order and make sure to stock enough shipping packs.

And those were our Ramadan sales and marketing insights to help you run a successful Ramadan campaign this year, action them on your store today and reap the benefits of the shopping period!

Ramadan Kareem!

P.S: To get on your store's dashboard, go to dashboard.seller.ng


Damilola Ogundipe

Business Solutions Associate @ Mercurie

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